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Love over Fear
Heart over Mind
Spirit over Ego

"Growth begins where comfort ends" Dr. Henry Young



Jevon C. McGlory

Jevon is a father, singer, songwriter, international musician, music producer, educator, counselor, student and perhaps most importantly a great story teller. Stories make the world go round. All the greatest songs, movies, myths, fables and bible scriptures are based on great stories. We learn everything from great stories and Jevon has great life stories to tell in order to inspire and motivate you, your faculty, staff and students to reach their full potential and tap into their god-given abilities and purpose. 

Jevon received his Bachelor's Degree in Music Education from California State Polytechnic-Pomona in 2020 and released his 2nd record "Medicine Music" that same year. Just passed the CBEST in 2021 and will begin his Graduate Program at California State Northridge for Humanities in Art in 2022.

Jevon has traveled to Afghanistan, Austria, Bosnia, Iraq, Kosovo, Germany, London, Mexico, Uzbekistan and Dubai to spread his message of Love over Fear, Heart over Mind and Spirit over Ego,

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Jevon C. McGlory


Downey, Ca 90240


Tel: (213) 212-1022

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